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Shattered window.

Trauma Studies is a psychology subspecialty zithromax best price that studies the coping patterns and resilience of people both individually and collectively who have undergone a substantial trauma. A relatively new field, professionals use a multidisciplinary approach to address both the prevalence and consequences of traumatic events. From domestic violence to terrorist attacks to natural disasters, traumatic events are an unfortunate fact of life. Trauma studies specialists can help survivors get their lives back.

What Does a Trauma Specialist Do?

To be effective in this field you must develop purchase online zan understanding zithromax of the scope and impact of trauma. Traumatic events can have a wide range of damaging effects that touch the lives of more than just the people who survive the direct experience. Through the assessment and treatment of the effects which arise out of trauma, researchers and counselors in this field can help their subjects deal with issues and work toward recovery. It also helps for trauma studies professionals to know the cultural aspects of trauma and how it is dealt with in different socioeconomic climates.

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Careers in Trauma Studies

If considering this trauma studies as a career choice, rest assured there are plenty of options. You may find employment working in urban areas where crime is more prevalent or you could travel abroad and serve areas touched by natural disaster and turbulent political environments. Alternatively, you could work mainly with theory and research.

It takes emotional stability to cope with the feelings you may be experiencing and attend to the needs of another person who is going through something they may not be able to understand. Salaries in this field may range from $60,000-$80,000 per year, which can make it less financially lucrative than some other fields of psychology, but it can be one of the most rewarding when it comes to making a positive difference.

Obtaining a Trauma Studies Degree

Coursework for this field is intensive. To work as a trauma specialist you should attain a trauma studies degree at the doctorate level with emphasis on research and clinical psychology. The sensitive nature of the work usually requires supervised field experience before full licensure can be attained. Each state differs on its standards, and some, but not all, may have specialized trauma studies training programs.

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